Imperial Brown Walk-in Coolers FAQs

General Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to get a quote?
A: Imperial Brown Walk-in Coolers has a very advanced quoting system. Generally you should receive a quote within 24 hrs, if not sooner. On projects with extensive buyout items or very complex layouts you can be assured we will be diligent in getting you an accurate price as soon as possible.

2. Can you email me a quote?
A: Yes. Imperial Brown Walk-in Coolers is probably the most software-advanced walk in company in the world. The majority of our software programs are developed in-house and designed specifically with our products and process in mind. You can go to our Contact web page,, and send an email quote request right on the screen, and send it directly from there. The request is immediately routed to the appropriate sales person for quoting. Faxing and postal mail are still options if you do not have an email account.

3. How do I contact someone to talk to?
A: You can call Imperial Brown Walk-in Coolers toll free at 1-800-238-4093. Our courteous staff with get you in contact with the appropriate personnel. They are highly trained and capable of answering your questions. If you would like to talk directly to an Imperial Brown Walk-in Coolers sales person, you may go to and use the Rep Finder to reach the sales person responsible for your geographic area. Select your state to find the closest representatives to you.

4. Can I get walk-in sizes other than those listed?
A: Yes. Imperial Brown Walk-in Coolers makes all sizes of walk-in coolers and freezers. Call your local Imperial Brown Walk-in Coolers representative for a competitive price on your walk-in.

5. Do you handle custom sizes?
A: Yes. Imperial Brown Walk-in Coolers has automated custom manufacturing plants and resources to provide our customers custom products with the high level of quality that you find in our standard products. Call your representative or go to our Contact page to find a representative near you.

6. What will it cost to run my walk-in?
A: The cost of operating a walk-in varies due to many factors:     

  1. The type of insulation in the walk-in.
  2. Where the walk-in is located.
  3. The temperature and the weight of the product being cooled.
  4. How often the door is opened.
  5. Efficiency of the refrigeration system.
  6. Cost of electricity.
  7. The age of the walk-in.

This is just to name a few factors. Actually, over a hundred factors are considered when sizing refrigeration systems for a walk-in. Most walk-ins are designed to run 80% of the time or between 16 and 18 hours per day.

7. Are NSF and UL ratings important?
A: Very important. NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation and is looked upon as the ultimate foodservice design and equipment approval agencies by the local building and health departments. In many states and counties, if equipment does not have the NSF seal it is not allowed for public use.

UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories and is well known in both the foodservice and building industries as a testing laboratory of products and materials.

Imperial Brown Cold Storage Doors Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the R-Values of Imperial Brown Cold Storage Doors?
A: They range from R-25 to R-36.

2. Why is the ‘flag’ placement so important?
A: Because the flag magnetically senses the position of the door (open versus closed).

3. On a recent job I installed both cooler and freezer doors. How can I tell the difference between the two?
A: All doors are labeled with door types on the shipping materials and on the doors themselves.

4. What are the standard thicknesses of door panels?
A: 3.5” to 5.0” are considered standard thicknesses, however, we can quote a wide range of thicknesses upon request.

5. If I buy an aftermarket button station to allow mid-cycle stop, what modifications do I need to make to the control panel?
A: None. The wires are already in the j-box, they just need to be connected to the switches.

6. I have a high ceiling structure. Can I have length added to the pull cord on my electric door?
A: We recommend a mushroom button switch or radio controls instead. The problem with added length is increased weight. The weight can cause the same effect as pulling on the cord, so the operator receives a constant signal. This is compounded if any ice forms on the cord.