Imperial Industrial Insulated Panels

Imperial insulated panels are engineered for commercial uses ranging from stand-alone cold storage warehousing to fish processing plants to dam-building ice houses.

Imperial insulated panels are equally well suited for the high winds, tropical heat and rains of the Pacific Islands or the harsh cold of the Alaskan wilderness, but most of our panels operate in less demanding conditions while still maintaining a perfectly controlled internal environment. These structures also operate as environmental control spaces in clean rooms and any building where complete environmental control is required for consistent, high-quality manufacturing. For cold storage facilities, Imperial insulated panels meet the need for fast construction times under difficult conditions.

Imperial insulated panels are used in:

  • Cold Storage Warehousing
  • Flash Freezing Systems
  • Archival Storage Chambers
  • Robotic Enclosures
  • Dam Building Ice Houses
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Fish Processing Facilities

To ensure long life, Imperial insulated panels feature high-density urethane structural framing surrounding each made-to-measure panel and door, and making every corner a solid point of strength. Such technology means outstanding strength and durability that soft-nosed panels simply do not offer. And with cam-lock mechanisms secured to the high-density framing to connect panels, Imperial takes system longevity even further.

What’s more, Imperial insulated framed ceiling panels span greater than 19-feet and up to 35 feet without interior support posts or beams, or overhead tie-ins—sturdy enough to sustain two average-sized maintenance men standing on top. Nothing is spared in Imperial’s manufacturing and design process to improve effective use of chamber space, and energy savings.

Imperial insulated panels offer a wide range of design and manufacturing options that include but not limited to:

  • Precision Sizing with Unmatched Structural Strength
  • Foamed Polyurethane Panels in desired thicknesses (4-6”) using HCFC free Class 1 fire rated core material and 97% closed cell structure
  • Panel finishes from 20 gauge stainless steel to 26 gauge stucco galvanized steel
  • Floor panels for installation in existing buildings without insulated slabs
  • Ceilings using external self-supporting back-to-back C-channels or panels suspended from the building steel
  • All electrical junction boxes and conduit foamed in place
  • Virtually Unlimited Door Sizing and Operation

Dealing with overhead obstructions or need column notches? We’ve been providing flexible design solutions for four decades. Is the job site located in a high seismic zone? Imperial can provide professional engineer-stamped seismic calculations and drawings upon request.

Imperial offers design consulting for your insulated panel use in an almost unlimited number of configurations to fit your requirements. And our qualified engineers ensure the project meets all federal and state compliance requirements.

Contact your Imperial rep for more information on Imperial insulated panels for industrial use.