Imperial Scientific & Industrial Panels

Imperial scientific and industrial panels are made to specific measurements for maximum interior space anywhere with hard-rail panels that lock together for solid -30F freezers, robotic enclosures, archival storage, or any other chamber.

Imperial insulated panels for scientific and industrial uses deliver superior structural strength and maximum space utilization. From high-technology manufacturing to medical science to forensic evidence storage, professionals in these industries looking for the highest quality structure know the Imperial name. They know that Imperial’s design and manufacturing process is unparalleled.

  • Panels are made to measure and connected using a cam-lock and pin method that seals gaskets tightly while still allowing for removal to meet future needs
  • Each panel uses a hard-rail design for added structural strength and, combined with foamed in place polyurethane, forms the highest insulating panels per inch in the industry
  • Swing door hinges are adjustable, sliding doors are available powered or manual, doors can be placed anywhere in a wall
  • Ceilings and floors form a solid structure with the wall panels and carry heavy working loads that open vast interior areas for use

Imperial’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and energy-saving features include the highest insulating values in the industry using environmentally responsible and extremely long-lasting materials without off-gassing effects.

More information on Imperial insulated panels is available on Scientific features and uses and on Industrial features and uses. Call an Imperial rep today to discuss the requirements and details of your project.