Imperial Walk-in Coolers & Freezers Physical Design

Physical design develops each Imperial Walk-in Cooler or Freezer to exact measurement with the highest quality construction materials, meeting the installation needs without wasted space or poor fit in the workspace.

Imperial Walk-in Coolers and Freezers are individually engineered on our CAD systems. Each panel is sized to the specific measurements of the installation. Every corner matches the installation needs, no matter how many different angles may be required.

A high-density polyurethane "hard-rail" frames every panel in Imperial Walk-in Coolers and Freezers, supports every door or window, and strengthens every corner, adding enhanced structural properties to the panels. This enables our wall panels to be built taller and our ceiling panels longer than our competitors before the need for internal or external steel support. Additionally, the hard-rail framing firmly holds the cam locks in place to keep the panels sealed together without crushing the foam. This maintains the integrity of the insulation as well as the ability to unlock, move or add to walk-ins in the future.

Electrical conduit is embedded inside the wall panels to avoid annoying interior shelving or stocking layouts and keep the interior space at maximum use. High thermal-efficiency, HCFC-free 245fa urethane foam is injected into the frame between metal skin, providing the highest insulating properties available. Imperial Cold Storage Doors use the same construction, are also made to measure for the requirements, and swing door designs have adjustable hinges that permit a tight seal at installation and in future adjustments.

Ceiling panels match wall panels in design and construction on every Imperial walk-in cooler or freezer, with standard panels spanning 19 feet or more without posts or tie-ins. Ceiling panels notch around obstructions and open access to more efficient use of interior space. When required, the ceiling can be designed to accommodate heavy snow loads, ceiling mounted refrigeration equipment, heavy storage, or even mezzaines for office space.

Dealing with overhead obstructions or need column notches? We’ve been providing flexible design solutions for four decades. Is the job site located in a high seismic zone? Imperial can provide professional engineer-stamped seismic calculations and drawings upon request.

Complete details on construction and architecture can be downloaded from the Support section of this website. Or call your Imperial Walk-in Coolers and Freezers representative to discuss your project.