Brown Xpress Line

Brown Xpress walk-in coolers and freezers offer same-day quotes designed to get your cooler or freezer to you in a hurry. Borwn Xpress comes in our most popular sizes in combination with cooling capacities to handle most jobs.

The Brown Xpress walk-in cooler and freezer line offers more flexibility than ever and same-day quotes.

Our Brown Xpress line features:

Now, time is on your side.

Brown Xpress Product Line Description
4” thick 245FA polyurethane insulation with galvalume interior and exterior, cam-lock ceilings, vinyl screed for walk-ins with no floor, cam-lock connection for walk-ins with floors. Floor panels to be 4” urethane covered with .080 smooth aluminum.

Equipped with a 26”x75” swing door. Swing doors to be equipped with

  • (1) 1248 hinge and (1) 1245 hinge
  • (1) 1229 pull handle with cylinder lock
  • (1) 1095 closer.

All doors to be equipped with CFL light fixture mounted at the door (bulb included), toggle switch with pilot light, and 2” dial thermometer with 12” capillary. Freezer doors to be equipped with Kason 1825 heated air vent and 4-sided heat cable.

Refrigeration Systems

  • Refrigeration is based on 80°F ambient (90° at the condenser).
  • Refrigeration is sized for Holding Only; coolers holding at 35°F and freezers holding at -10°F.
  • No product loads have been calculated.
  • Refrigeration to be air cooled, self-contained, and includes one (1) year refrigeration system parts, labor and compressor warranty
  • Hot gas condensate evaporation
  • With cord and NEMA plug 120, 280/230 1PH
  • 1,000 CFM per 1 HP ventilation required

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