Imperial Walk-in Coolers Cold Storage Doors

Imperial cold storage doors meet every need for swing, horizontal sliding, and vertical lift doors from foodservice walk-ins to commercial cold storage applications.

Custom designed Imperial Walk-in Cooler and Freezer cold storage doors to meet every cold storage need and special application.

Cold Storage Doors for Imperial Walk-in Coolers and Freezers provide the highest insulating values in the industry, whether they are new or replacement doors. Doors are available in virtually any size and are perfect for walk-ins, warehouses, processing plants and food distribution facilities. Door panels are foamed in place polyurethane injected in a controlled environment. Larger doors are built in sections and cam-locked together on site. In the event of damage, individual sections can easily be replaced to minimize repair costs.

You can be assured that Imperial cold storage doors meet the Energy Independence and Security Act 2007 (EISA) requirements in effect since January 1, 2009. We provide a full point by point overview that answers the most common interests and our sales people and reps are fully familiar with these solutions. Imperial cold storage doors can be designed into any of our coolers or freezers, or they can be added to existing installations. Check our wide range of finishes, or use our Support Downloads for manuals, order worksheets, warranties, and other important detailed information.