Walk-in Cooler & Freezers

Imperial Brown Walk-in Coolers and Freezers are custom designed and engineered to fit any unique space at the highest level of energy-efficiency, supported by a team of employee-owners.

Cold Storage Doors

Imperial Brown Cold Storage Doors fit almost any opening for restaurant, foodservice, commercial cold storage, or any other application; in swing door, sliding door, and vertical lift door applications.

Scientific & Industrial Panels

Urethane-insulated, hard-rail Imperial Scientific and Industrial Panels lock together for superior service as archival storage rooms, robotic enclosures, -30F freezers, or any other chamber.

Imperial Brown Walk-in Coolers designs and builds hot or cold solutions for many businesses.

Imperial Brown Walk-in Coolers and Freezers are well known for having the highest quality in workmanship and materials. We consistently evaluate our materials, components, and engineering to insure that the best material and methods are used to create each walk-in. In addition, every employee is an owner in the company and the attention to detail shows in the product that goes out the door and the service that lives on with the product.

Imperial Brown Cold Storage Doors meet exacting standards for walk-in cooler and freezer, commercial cold storage, and scientific chamber needs. Each Cold Storage Door is available in a wide range of sizes. A variety of Cold Storage Door options is available for each door type: swing door, horizontal sliding door, vertical lift door. Imperial Brown Walk-in Coolers replacement swing doors make replacing, or even adding a new door in an existing walk-in, a breeze, and the framing choices help strengthen the original panels around the door frame.

Imperial Scientific Panels meet scientific and industrial requirements using advanced urethane insulation. From -30F freezers to seed storage and pharmaceutical development, and archival document and item storage, Imperial Scientific Panels are manufactured to meet these highly specific requirements.

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