Three New Imperial Manufacturing Walk-in Cooler And Freezer Door Products

Blog, News – November 18 2009

The Imperial Manufacturing adjustable hinge makes it easy and quick to field adjust a walk-in cooler or freezer door. This adjustable hinge provides both vertical and horizontal adjustment of 5/16" over 360 degrees. Both original installations and long term maintenance adjustments benefit from the ability to keep the door and hinge attached to the walk-in cooler or freezer while making the adjustments. The new ICC-5 Cold Storage Door Operator adds a new level of ease to installation and programming, and combines this ease with Imperial Manufacturing's reputation rugged design and reliable operation. The controller ships pre-mounted to the header and is pre-wired using quick-disconnect cables, which eliminates all the guessing in the field. Field connections take place at the circuit breaker and the programming can be quickly tested with the test button and temporary power before the electrician completes the wiring. An economy door operator solution to controlling powered cold storage door operations is now available through Imperial Manufacturing's ruggedized modification and use of the LiftMaster Model T door operator. Upgrading the bearings and other components gives the LiftMaster Model T the ability to safely move up to a 10x10-foot horizontal cold storage door. The easy programming and economy price combine with the ability to get nationwide service from experienced commercial door companies and deliver an unbeatable package for many cold storage door uses. These three new products are just the latest evidence of Imperial manufacturing design and manufacturing creativity. Visit the Imperial Manufacturing web site for additional information on the best walk-in coolers and freezers available today. Imperial Manufacturing is a leader in quality engineered cold storage and insulated structures for food service, biotechnology, medical and building construction industries. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, for over 35 years, Imperial Manufacturing has over 145 employees working in three product lines: walk-in coolers, R-Plus doors, and R-Plus Super Insulated Structures. More information is available from the Internet at or by calling (800) 238-4093.