See NEW Cooler Design Ideas at NAFEM 2017 Booth #2465

Blog, Imperial Ideas, Recommended Reading, Cooler Cooler Solutions – January 26 2017

I don’t know about you all, but I am seriously looking forward to spending a week in Orlando for the NAFEM Show. Even with all the craziness of the show, it’s going to be nice to spend a few days in some sunshine and it’s going to be great to see everyone again.

NAFEM 2017 logo

I am excited for you to see the changes we are bringing!

Since the third quarter of 2016, we have been busy designing, organizing and building our booth, attending to all the details, and getting our sales staff and reps up to speed on what we will be displaying. I’m really excited about what we have put together this year’s show. Similar to what we had for the NAFEM Show in 2015, our booth is less about showing what a standard walk-in looks like, and more about education.

Imperial Brown walk-in cooler angles 

An Imperial Brown walk-in cooler Hybrid design with many panel angles.

With education being our booth focus, we are displaying and talking to several key items, including:

  • Hybrid Walk-in Design – combining hard nose and soft nose panels
  • Long Ceiling Spans – up to 25’ single span
  • Structural Floors – floors built for hand trucks, carts, pallet jacks and small forklifts
  • Structural Doors – doors that will last a long time
  • Custom Metals – walk-in finishes for the front of the house
  • Energy Efficiency – higher R-values through space age technology and thicker panels.
  • Walk-in and Refrigeration Controls – Temperature and refrigeration monitoring systems
  • Quick Chill Capabilities – roll through blast chillers.
  • Merchandising – view windows for display coolers
  • LED Lighting – standard walk-in and high bay LED options
  • Watertight Flooring Options – state of the art heat welded thermoplastic flooring
  • Recessed Ceilings – a new design that changes how ceilings are connected to walls
  • Column Notches and Angles – custom designs to fit the available space
  • Beer Tap Walls – keep the foaming down and loose less product
  • Doors
    • Sliders
    • Artistic
    • Replacement

Imperial Brown walk-in cooler Electronic Initiated Defrost.

Electronic Initiated Defrost.

New Factory in 2017

I am excited for you to know we have a new factory located in Prague, Oklahoma, serving the Midwest. The Prague team joined Imperial Brown on January 1st of this year. The on-board process is moving smoothly and we look forward to investing in our new factory, our third, and helping our new employee owners grow and succeed.

I look forward to seeing you all at the craziness called NAFEM. Don’t hesitate to stop by and say “Hi,” at Imperial Brown booth # 2465.

Rick Jones
Technical Services Manager