Imperial Brown® Builds Temperature Controlled Tesla Test Chamber for Electric Cars

Blog, Green, Case Study – November 17 2015

Imperial Brown® Builds Temperature Controlled Tesla Test Chamber for Electric Cars

Tesla logoAn automobile testing chamber built by the West Coast manufacturing facility of Imperial Brown has the ability to hold temperatures that vary by 100 degrees. 

The large environmental chamber was ordered by Associated Environmental Systems of Ayer, MA, for Tesla Motors, Inc.’s Sunnyvale, CA, testing facility. Tesla Motors is a manufacturer of high-end electric cars.

The chamber required a temperature variation of -40 degrees C to +60 degreesC. The variation in temperature is needed during the testing process of electronic, mechanical and computer systems to discover any problems with their functionality at extreme temperatures.

Associated Environmental Systems installed the specialized, tightly controlled heating and cooling systems in the unit to handle temperature and humidity.

Imperial Brown built a unit that is 30’ wide and 42’ deep and will probably test several vehicles at the same time, according to Tom Housel, Scientific/International Inside Sales Rep for Imperial Brown. It contains approximately 60 high-density panels. 

Tesla test enclosureA 20’ wide bi-part sliding door for the unit was a challenge.  Additional gaskets were added to ensure a tight fit for zero leakage. “The 9’ doors are so tall that it was a challenge to get them to line up right,” says Housel. A floor guide was added that catches the bottom of the door, ensuring that the sliders line up.

Tube steel was foamed into the wall panels for added strength for the c-channel roof support so that the entire interior of the unit is available work space.

Tesla Motors, Inc., is an American automotive and energy storage company that designs, manufactures and sells luxury electric cars, electric vehicle powertrain components, and battery products. Sales of its Model S sedan passed 90,000 units in October.